Mr. Diamond Table LED Lamp by Cocokasa

Mr. Diamond LED table lamp is the first Gold Pin Design award winning product that intelligently integrates both Warm White and Cool White LED together to match your desired mood. The shape of the diamond along with the special lens reduces the glare from the light source creating a glare free night night or a task lamp. At the touch, the different LEDs are combined to create a Neutral White color. Touch once – warm white 3000K, touch twice – cool white 6000k, touch again – netural white 4500K. Comes with 3 Cree LEDs. 8.875″ W x 13″ H x 7.5″ D. Cocokasa is a manufacturer that focuses exclusively on LED lamps, manipulating their designs to take advantage of the small size of an LED. A winner of the Golden Pen Design Award, Cocokasa delivers smart, interesting, and affordable LED lighting lamps.