Aerobie Coffee and Espresso Maker From AeroPress

The thing about good coffee is that once you get hooked on a specific blend and method, it’s hard to swallow anything else and get the same satisfaction. If you’re looking for that elusive morning jolt of energy and freshness that keeps you going all day long, what you need is the Aerobie 80R08 Coffee and Espresso Maker from AeroPress. It produces the richest, smoothest brew you’ll ever get to taste, and there’s no hint of bitterness to make you wonder why you’re punishing yourself. You can make a purely American cup of coffee or get an espresso shot for lattes and cappuccinos. The concentrate is finely microfiltered and particle-free, which means your coffee tastes just fine even after a day or two. It’s big enough to make four cups or two mugs of coffee.