Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

Start your day off just right with the Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock. Using soothing sounds and comforting scents, this premium bedside accessory makes waking up more enjoyable. Likewise, the Barisieur helps you wake up with the sound of bubbling water and the scent of freshly brewed tea or coffee. Offering a nostalgic charm, the Barisieur combines the classic vinyl record player with the contemporary ritual of making filter coffee. The glassware sits on a wooden tray, directly on top of a black or white base. An infrared sensor activates the Peltier cooler, which in turn cools the milk. The Barisieur even comes with a drawer so you can easily store coffee and tea with an integrated spoon and lid. Thanks to its timeless Scandinavian design, the Barisieur looks the part in any bedroom, kitchen or living room.