DRIPO Portable Iced Coffee Maker

Making cold brew coffee has never been easier thanks to the DRIPO Portable Iced Coffee Maker by gosh!. This system gives you smooth flavor and taste in just two hours and in two methods. First, you add the coffee grounds and filter them into the coffee compartment. Second, add cold water to the other compartment and assemble the DRIPO. Over the course of the next two hours, the cold water passes through the coffee grounds. It picks up the flavor with every drip bringing you the perfectly brewed iced coffee every time. Finally, when your coffee is ready, you can reassemble the DRIPO device into a handy tumbler to immediately enjoy your coffee. In addition, the DRIPO also functions as a cold brew coffee maker for flawless taste each time. Because the DRIPO is so simple to use, you can take it anywhere. Just add water.