Mazama Wares Large Mug

Be sure to get all the caffeine you need to jumpstart your day with the Mazama Wares Large Mug. Holding an impressive twelve ounces, this mug can be filled with your perfect blend of coffee, tea, mocha, hot chocolate, or whatever it else it takes to get your day going. Made from hand-thrown vitrified stoneware, the Large Mug has a durable and robust handle to make your caffeine delivery as effortless as possible. The exterior features a glaze in a variety of colors for a stunning finish while the tapered and unglazed bottom gives it a non-slip stand as well as works with your brewing method. Safe for food, the microwave, and the dishwasher, caring for this mug is as easy as can be. Not for the casual caffeine consumer, the Large Mug is perfectly designed to give you the kick you need every morning.