Portable All-in-One Coffee Maker

Cafflano Klassic is the first portable all-in-one coffee brewing system to let you go from whole beans to freshly brewed coffee. Brew your favorite coffee on the go with the Cafflano All in One Pour Over Coffee Maker. Available in red and black, inside the Cafflano mug is everything you need for a fresh cup of coffee. At the top is a drip kettle and cap. Below is a foldaway hand-mill grinder and a metal mesh filter that is super easy to clean. At the bottom is a handy, stainless steel tumbler cup so you can enjoy your coffee on the go. Using no power or disposable elements, this coffee making mug is as eco-friendly as it is convenient. Because each of the pieces of this coffee maker come apart, it’s very easy to clean and reuse. The Cafflano All in One Pour Over Coffee Maker is a great solution for commuters and travellers alike.