EXYRA Digital Eyestrain Glasses

Get absolute relief from eye strain and headache with the EXYRA Digital Eyestrain Glasses. With all the time you spend on your device, you’ve probably felt the harmful effects of the exposure to blue light. EXYRA help to combat this exposure and rid you of eyestrain, headache, retina damage, and even trouble sleeping. Unlike any other solution on the market, EXYRA look professional and stylish as they resemble traditional eyewear. Furthermore, these glasses reflect blue light, have 100% UV protection, increase contrast, and reduce glare. All of these features allow you to better enjoy the content on your screen without worrying about the side effects. Additionally, the anti-reflective and anti-scratch material of the lens complements each frame style beautifully. You have your choice of six elegant styles and colors to suit your outfit or your mood.