Eyejusters Adjustable Strength Glasses

Get a clear view of your world with the Eyejusters Adjustable Strength Glasses. This incredible eyewear has built-in adjustment eyeDials. With a simple twist, you can alter the strength of the lens instantly for each eye individually. In addition to the total convenience, the Eyejusters rid you of the multiple pairs of glasses you need for each activity. From reading to hobbies and DIY to working on your computer, the Eyejusters let you see it all. Additionally, the lens strength adjusts between +0.00 to +3.00 D and everything in between. As you switch activities during the day, simply twist the eyeDials and you’re good to go. Each SlideLens is lightweight and complete with an anti-scratch coating. Finally, the frames are highly durable for everyday use. Eyejusters come in four different styles as well as a variety of colors for each.