Oculuste – The First Fully Interchangeable Sunglasses

Flaunt a new fashion eyewear style every day with Oculuste – the first fully interchangeable sunglasses. It combines carefully curated style with high-quality interchangeable frames, temples, & lenses. These sunglasses epitomize the need to change into something amazing while embracing individuality. It doesn’t compromise on fashion or superior style and gives you a quality pair of sunglasses you can match exactly the way you want with your everyday style. All you have to do is apply minimal pressure with your finger to release the ocule (lens holder) from the main frame. Once you have chosen your shade of the day, simply snap in the new pair of ocules. This mechanism is made possible due to high precision manufacturing coupled with a superior material called Grilamid TR-90 from which these sunglasses are made. With these in your collection, you won’t need too many sunglasses anymore. One will be enough to handle the style of many.