Sightsaver Sunglasses – Sunscreen For Your Eyes

HEV sun rays are as damaging as the better-known UVA and UVB rays. Natural melanin in our eyes protects against them but diminishes as we age. Their proprietary, scientifically-proven, synthetic melanin (Melaneye) infused in our lenses is a practical and effective way to compensate for and protect against natural melanin loss and HEV rays. HEV rays cause cataracts and macular degeneration (AMD). 99% of ordinary sunglasses do NOT have this important melanin protection. There is an added, performance benefit. HEV rays connect to scattered light and water vapor in the air and cause “haze”. It may or may not be easily discernible, but it reduces visual acuity. Melaneye lenses counteract haze and provide a greater definition, contrast, and clarity – and you will notice the difference. Reflective surfaces such as water and snow can intensify HEV rays and DOUBLE their damage. Wearing SIGHTSAVER SUNGLASSES counteracts this danger. And they are also polarized to reduce glare. Why would you settle for sunglasses that only do HALF the job they should? SIGHTSAVER SUNGLASSES are truly “Sunscreen For Your Eyes” as they provide better protection and performance.