Eva Solo Star Watering Can

Who says looking after your plants has to look boring? With the Eva Solo AquaStar Watering Can, you can retain your home’s décor even while you sharpen that green thumb. Available in white, lime, and gray, the AquaStar Watering Can has a stunningly modern design with a removable chrome pointed spout for easy and uniform pouring. The single stream of water produced is perfect for keeping things tidy when watering indoor plants. The AquaStar Watering Can completes its minimalist design with a built-in handle along the body. With a capacity of two liters (2.1 quarts), the AquaStar Watering Can is able to complete the watering for all of your indoor plants. When it’s not in use, the AquaStar Watering Can serves as a striking yet inconspicuous piece of décor in your home.