autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Car Tool

Be ready for any situation with the autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Car Tool. Compact yet highly effective, this tool can save your life. Chances are slim you’ll ever be trapped in a sinking car. But if you were, safety experts estimate you have only about 30 seconds to escape. Featuring military-grade aluminum with IPX7 waterproofness, autoXscape is a serious emergency multi-tool that can help you survive in three steps: Slash, Bash, and Flash. With this tool, you can cut through the jammed seatbelt with the integrated cutter blade made of hard high-carbon steel. Additionally, you can break the side window using either one of the two window glass punches on the autoXscape. There’s a hardened, blunt-force steel ball at the tip of the tail cap. In case you lose the cap in those life-threatening split seconds, there’s a second even stronger tungsten steel puncture point inside the cap to break any tempered glass. A much more reliable solution than spring-loaded alternatives which may fail to load in a life or death situation. Finally, you can signal for help with the high-beam, 135-lumen flashlight which includes an SOS mode. Incredibly, this tool is it comes with a mount and screws as well as a 3M adhesive backing to secure it anywhere in your vehicle.