WESN Micro Blade EDC Pocket

Add some versatility to your toolset with the WESN Micro Blade EDC Pocket Knife. As the name suggests, this small yet mighty knife has an ultra compact design which makes it easy to take anywhere and everywhere. Featuring high-quality titanium and steel, the WESN Micro Blade gives you the benefits of a full-size knife but it just the size of a key. When open, the entire knife measures just 3.6 inches. However, don’t let the size fool you. The WESN Micro Blade is impressively versatile and robust, it can cut through thick materials, open your bottles, process firewood, help start a fire, and do anything else you need. The design is complete with a pocket clip as well as a keychain hole so it can attach to you and all of your gear. With all of these features, you can take it virtually anywhere you go (aside from on a plane).