GoDuo Powerful Magnetic Stereo Speakers

Get premium audio on the go with the GoDuo Powerful Magnetic Stereo Speakers. This incredible system gives you total customization for taking your tunes anywhere. The GoDuo has four options. Coming in a set of two, the GoDuo Speakers are equipped with strong magnets to connect the audio system. In addition, you can separate the speakers to produce a stunning surround sound experience. They remain connected even up to 30 feet apart. Alternatively, you can take just one speaker with you to save space and still get great sound. Finally, you can use the included GoDuo Speaker case to attach the system to your gear. The GoDuo Speakers connect to your device via Bluetooth or an aux cable. They also have a built-in microphone so you can take calls seamlessly. Finally, the 10-hour battery life as well as shock- and water-resistant design fit into your adventurous lifestyle.