The Conference Mate NFC Speakerphone

Pro-quality conference room speaker in a portable 4”x4” package! Pair this portable speaker with your smart phone (iPhone or andoid), tablet (iPad or other), pc/mac, or other a2dp bluetooth device. Non-bluetooth devices can also connect, via the 3.5mm jack (using your own audio cable). NFC (Near Field Communications) chip means you can touch your NFC capable device to Conference Mate and it will pair automatically, instead of the standard Bluetooth method of pairing. Full duplex, so you can speak and hear the other party at the same time. DSP for noise cancellation and echo suppression. Advanced Audio Distribution Prole (A2DP) for high delity Bluetooth wireless audio. Dual high quality omni-directional mic array so the unit will capture everything you say, and clearly. Enough volume so you’ll be heard well at the other end Stream full, rich sounding music from your A2DP Bluetooth device when you’re not on a call. Simple, capacitive touch controls. 7+ hours of talk time; USB recharges high power density Lithium Polymer battery. Downward facing speaker with passive bass radiator means a realistic, deep bass and rich sounding audio.